About Us

At Marbosh Ecommerce we provide ecommerce and multichannel, enterprise development and back office integration solutions. We are market and industry savvy providing solutions across Retail, Travel, Professional Services and Entertainment. We provide revenue-driving and cost reducing solutions and clear, powerful thinking. Since 2003, we have tackled these challenges, and delivered results, for clients.

We offer more ways to grow and reduce cost with your e-business

When you partner with Marbosh Ecommerce, you can open up a virtual universe of growth potential and efficiency. We invest considerable time and money to keep you ahead of the pack. We develop and integrate the best e-business solutions for large enterprises as well medium size businesses.

Benefits include:

  • • Our consulting services and deep domain knowledge of the different industries.
  • • Our leverage of third-party solutions and custom in-house developments to provide you with an eCommerce, Enterprise solutions, CRM,CMS and eBusiness software platforms.
  • • A collection of advanced reports, insights and tools that are industry specific.


Our cost effective framework solution :

  • 1. We build standard industry solutions Back-office, ERP, CRM, CMS and eCommerce.
  • 2. We integrate and configure solutions packages.
  • 3. We customise solution to fit your needs.



  • • We build solutions that drive direct-to-consumer sales and complement existing channel relationships and stay well ahead of the
  •   trends in this dynamic industry.


  • • The fashion shoppers, fashionista and shoppers that shop on fashion and retailers ecommerce sites are seeking the in fashion style,
  •   what’s hot or what they have seen in advertisement..


  • • We understand and stay well ahead of industry trends so you can generate more revenue from your software and content.

Professional Services

  • • We build and integrate back office integration that boosts e-business efficiency and members’ satisfaction.

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