Ecommerce and Multichannel

At Marbosh Ecommerce, we offer consulting services geared at effectively boosting your business. Each of our service is designed to allow us in partnership with you understand your market and needs to drive a measureable value solutions.

Ecommerce Strategy

We define the business case and strategy for ecommerce from a compelling customer offer and experience to a clear operational, technical and financial plan.

Ecommerce Performance Improvement

Allow Marbosh Ecommerce proven experience to put ecommerce to work for you. We can help you increase online revenue, attract more customers and expand your global reach. No matter how big or complex your business, whether we manage it end-to-end or you retain control.

E-Business Strategy

We audit and benchmark our clients operations, customers and technology and make recommendations to improve cost reduction and efficiency.

E-Business Consulting

We provide our clients with strategic differentiation and operational efficiency , industry analyses and projects to stay ahead of the competition.

Ecommerce Technology Selection

We select the right ecommerce solutions using our extensive understanding experience of ecommerce paltforms and detailed assesment of client needs.

International Ecommerce

We audit and benchmark the local market needs, tastes, rules and regulations of the target market and offer advice on the localized websites, customer service solutions, logistics of shipping and fulfilment, payment risks and credit card fraud and integration with third party providers.

Ecommerce Development

Core Engine

These features include site set-up and management, marketing and SEO, order management, customer service, reporting, fulfilment.

Advanced Components

These features include advanced search engine and navigation, merchandising, product management, order management and advanced customer service and any individual custom.

Backend Office

These features include ERP, CRM, POS, Accounting, Call Centre Support, and Inventory Management.

We implement solutions such as:

  • • eCommerce Platform Solutions
  • • CMS and CRM Platform Solutions
  • • Order Management Solutions
  • • Search and Navigation Solutions
  • • Payment Gateway Solutions
  • • Product Information Management (PIM) Solutions

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