Enterprise solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning

At Marbosh Ecommerce, we strive to create ERP solutions that perfectly fit our clients' needs. We offer customizable and scalable platforms. Our software platforms features modular design, with a core engine and several advance components, supporting individual customization and seamless upgrades.

We design systems and applications that fulfill the expectations of the Client. Based on the results of analysis or completed documentation prepared by the Client, we create enterprise solution systems. We rely on the latest technologies. We use solutions that enable easy maintenance and development of the system in the future.

For every project we carry out a complete business analysis, develop a functional requirements specification, design the information system and, finally, we build and implement it.

Enterprise E-Business Development

Enterprise Solutions

We develop enterprise solutions for business using Microsoft development and integration Services this include SQL Server, .NET, EAI, MS Dynamics and more. Our enterprise solutions help you automate your value chain using off-the shelf packages. Our solutions span ERP, CRM AND EAI. This helps you to mitigate your risks, achieve faster returns and lower TCO.

Enterprise Application Integration

We make the whole of your IT applications much greater than the sum of the parts with our Enterprise Delivery Model (EDM) to deliver immediate and dramatic productivity growth and business efficiency.

Our Packages Approach

  • • The Ultimate Industry Packages
  • • The Custom Work Packages
  • • The Integration Work Packages

Ecommerce Development

Core Engine

These features include site set-up and management, marketing and SEO, order management, customer service, reporting, fulfilment.

Advanced Components

These features include advanced search engine and navigation, merchandising, product management, order management and advanced customer service and any individual custom.

Backend Office

These features include ERP, CRM, POS, Accounting, Call Centre Support, and Inventory Management.

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