eCommerce Strategic and Operations Transformation. eCommerece All- In- One Solution

We combine multichannel and ecommerce expertise and business skills to help clients with ecommerce websites and online presence to achieve measureable online results.

Whether you are building a new ecommerce website from scratch or seeking to redesign your existing ecommerce website. Whether you want an overhaul of your ecommerce strategy. Whether you want to improve user experience or online business metrics.

We'll partner with your firm to understand your business and customer requirements and provide you with an ecommerce solution that is customer-centred enhancing their buying experiences to enable you sell more online.

We provide eCommerce and multichannel business case analysis and development thorough competitor, business strategy, business plan, operations providing eCommerce and multichannel operational and strategic roadmap and KPIs to deliver results.

Enterprise Solutions

Full-Service Enterprise Management Software

We offer enterprise solutions packages for organisations using Microsoft product offerings for enterprise applications and integrations solutions . We provide deep business process knowledge with technological capabilities to optimize information and integrate business processes in operations.

We have developed expertise via continuous internal and partner enablement programs, and via wealth of rich experience garned through multiple engagements across the industries.

E-business is essential to our clients 's success. That's why we are always working to improve our services and offer added value putting our clients at the heart of all we endeavour to acheive for our clients.

We advise on ecommerce and enterprise strategies, operations processes and technologies and we develop solutions to match our clients needs.

We design systems and applications that fulfill the expectations of the Client. Based on the results of analysis or completed documentation prepared by the Client, we create enterprise solution systems.

We rely on the latest technologies. We use solutions that enable easy maintenance and development of the system in the future.


Business Intelligence and knowledgebase Management Systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a critical component of an overall business customer services strategy, and when considered strategically has a dramatic impact on a merchants operational success.

We understand the CRM implementation and selection in the context of multi channel, ecommerce and standalone operations intimately and we can assist in the assessment and selection of CRM tools and suppliers.

With an expertise in enterprise solutions and back office integration we ensure that any CRM solutions or initiatives are completely integrated into the core business systems or ecommerce systems.

We deliver CRM advice and plans and will execute initiatives with a steadfast emphasis on increasing key performance benchmarks like average sale per customer/transaction, units per customer/transaction and conversion rates.

We offer solutions that are custom builld with easy-to-use, feature rich content CRM management systems. These systems help you to gain better understanding of your customers and improve retention rates to boost customer engagement , improved revenue and admin efficiency.

Backoffice Integration

Integration Solutions for Back Office and Online Systems.

Marbosh ecommerce has experience of integrating the systems including CRM, eCommerce, enterprise resource planning, payment, PIM, search, merchandising, analytics, and we additionally advise on both operating and commercial models.

Based on our experiences implementing eCommerce related technologies, we are also well suited to helping you understand how eCommerce platforms can be integrated with 3rd party solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics, Oracle E-Business Suite, IBM WebSphere.

We provide unparalleled level of experience, enabling us to deliver and then support you with website integration project, back office systems including online integration of APIs for payment gateways and database technologies.

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